Aronia (Chokeberry) Fibre (Micronised) 150g, Natural, Soluble Fibre, IBS, Błonnik Aroniowy


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Micronized aronia fibre is a natural dietary supplement improving the work of the stomach and intestines. After consumption, fiber absorbs water and increases its volume, which gives a feeling of fullness and thus facilitates the slimming process. Thanks to micronization, the particles gain a larger active surface, which allows them to be absorbed more easily.

Ingredients: micronized aronia fiber 100%

For whom aronia fibre?

  • for people on a diet
  • for those who want to maintain a healthy body weight
  • for people with constipations
  • for people who want to cleanse their body

How to use the product: you should start taking from 2 teaspoons a day and gradually increase the dose according to the needs of your body. Do not exceed a daily dose 20g!

Do not eat dry. Add fiber to juice, water, smoothie with fruits or to porridge.

Storage method: in a dry and cool place, tightly closed.

Net weight: 100 g


Nutrition facts / 100 g:


1045 kJ / 250 kcal


3.61 g

of which saturates

0.28 g


13.61 g

of which sugars

1.11 g


70.00 g


6.94 g


0.10 g

Aronia (chokeberry) juice is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. That is why it helps to fight the excessive number of free radicals which can contribute to the development of many diseases, such as atherosclerosis or hypertension. Moreover, free radicals can also cause skin aging. Take a dose of health and fight free radicals with Yagoody aronia juice. Aronia is also great for eye regeneration, which is why it is recommended for people working on a computer.

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